Jamaat Islami Statement about Geelani and kashmir Issue

Posted by MUDASIR RASHID on 10:38 PM, 27-Jan-14

Editor| Mudasir Rashid__________ Srinagar:Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer, Muhammad Abdullah Wani here Monday said Jamaat was not formed to plead Kashmir case and the senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani, as a member of the Jamaat, had suggested the religo-socio-political outfit to make Kashmir issue the frontline issue. Talking to Rising Kashmir at his office, the Jamaat Ameer said Jamaat was not formed to plead Kashmir case. “For Jamaat-e-Islami, Kashmir problem is one of the issues not the main issue,” Wani said. The Jamaat chief also highlighted the role of the senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani tried to play in making the resolution of Kashmir issue the core issue for Jamaat. “Syed Ali Geelani sahab firstly was a member of Muslim League and later on joined Jamaat-e-Islami,” Wani said. “Geelani sahab remained associated with the Jamaat almost for 50 years.” The Jamaat chief said Geelani was more interested in politics and suggested Kashmir issue should be given top priority. “When Jamaat refused to have Kashmir issue as a frontline issue, Geelani sahab, with the proper permission of the Jamaat, formed his own political party and named it Tehreek-e-Hurriyat,” Wani said. The Jamaat chief said in this manner, Geelani was able to give his entire time to the ‘Kashmir cause’ and it was with proper discussions and deliberation that Geelani separated from them. “Jamaat still support Geelani sahab,” he said. “Jamaat has not given up on Kashmir issue but we are taking up all the issue of the society simultaneously.” About the recent controversy surrounding the residence and office of Geelani at Hyderpora, the Jamaat chief said when armed rebellion started after 1988, Geelani was head of political wing of Jamaat while Maulana Hakeem Ghulam Nabi Sahab was Ameer Jamaat at that time. “To carry out his work, he was in need of an office and residential house and Jamaat purchased a house in Hyderpora for him and on papers it was named after Syed Ali Geelani,” Wani said. “It is the policy of Jamaat that every property is named after individuals and not on Jamaat’s name and same is the case with Geelani’s residence and office.” The Jamaat chief said by the time militancy was at its peak, there were continuous attacks on Geelani and his family. “These attacks were a big concern for Jamaat and Jamaat decided to build another house in front of his residence so that it works as a shield to protect him and his family,” he said. “As Geelani was in need of an office, Jamaat’s Shoora decided to have this outer house as Geelani’s office and had the property in his name as well.” Wani said both the properties were in Geelani’s name for record but belonged to Jamaat. “On papers it’s not written that the property belongs to Jamaat’s political wing’s head but as Syed Ali Geelani son of Peer Mohammad Shah,” the Jamaat chief said. “The property was named after Geelani only because he was the head of political wing and when Geelani distanced himself from Jamaat and formed his own party, at that time a final decision was not taken by Shoura about the property.” He said the only decision taken was that until Geelani was alive, he could use this property as his residence and office. “Geelani sahib has misunderstood the whole process and thinks that property belongs to him and donated it,” he said. “This is the only confusion and Jamaat today has the same stand till Geelani is alive he can use the property in every manner.” Wani said if Geelani sahib passes away, then Jamaat Shoura would decide what to do with the property. “It can donate it to Tehreek-e-Hurriyat or take it back from them,” he said. “There is no controversy but just confusion and being the head of Jamaat, I have the authority to donate this property to Geelani sahab or Shoura can decide to donate this property to Geelani.” The Jamaat chief said if Geelani even asks for one more house, Jamaat was ready to provide him with a third house. “The matter will be resolved within minutes when Geelani sahab returns from New Delhi,” he said.

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